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Harrison Street Missionary Baptist Church
About Us

About Us

Harrison Street Missionary Baptist Church was born from a need of a Baptist Church for the people of color on the North side of Paducah. This need became apparent to the Rev. George Dupee, the Pastor of Washington Street Baptist Church in 1877. Rev. Dupee and other members of the Washington Street Baptist Church began conducting what they called the “Need More Mission” on the North side. When the mission had developed Rev. Dupee called Rev. Tyler for the first leader of the “Need More Mission”. Rev. Tyler was Pastor from 1887 -1889. From 1889 -1894 Rev. J.S. Candor led the flock.

From 1894-1907 Rev. W.F. Ward became the pastor of this now established flock, and in 1898 the group transformed a two room house into a church and changed the name from “Need More” to First Ward Church.

In 1907 the church was destroyed by fire. A call was extended to the Rev. J.O. Griffin and with the help of devoted christians a new structure was built.

History of Pastors

Rev. J. O. Griffin

Rev. E. W. Hawthorne

Rev. G. Ivory

Rev. A. M. Samuels

Rev. P D. Dennis

Rev. J. M. Stevenson

Rev. L. F. Burton

Rev. W. G. Harvey

Rev. Edward Ballard

Rev. Marion Daniels

Pastor James Lee Hudson